Hamar - the Capital of  Inland Norway


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Hedmarksmuseet and Domkirkeodden


The Norwegian Railway Museum


Hamar Olympic Hall, The Viking  Ship


The Kirsten Flagstad Museum




The Museum of Migration 


•  The Hamar Region 



The medieval city is from around 1050. A hundred years later the bishopric was established and the beautiful medieval cathedral was initiated.

It was set afire by the Swedes in the 15th century and gradually the medieval city and the cathedral fell into decay

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The Cathedral ruins , a trade mark of Hamar, is  now protected by a unique outer building of glass. It has received great international attention.



The modern city of Hamar was founded in 1849, and in 2024 it will celebrate it’s 175 year aniversary.

Today it is the leading centre of education, trade and commerce between Oslo and Trondheim.


The Viking Ship”, the multipurpose hall, was opened for  the Olympic Winter Games in 1994. The hall was voted the building of the century in Norway in 1999.

It is a landmark both summer and winter and is easily visible from the E6 Motorway and from the railway.

Skibladner, the world’s oldest paddle steamer still in regular service. The first ship to be given preserved status in Norway.