Snapshots of our club’s history


         The club received its charter in Hamar Cathedral from RD Erling Skjeldal on June 7 1969. See photo



         Upon chartering the club had 21 members. Today the Club has 42 members.



Our club has been active in starting new clubs:

         Gjøvik YMC was chartered in 1973.

         Lillehammer YMC in 1980.

         Brumunddal YMC in 1981.

         Eidsvoll YMC in 1984.

         Stockholm Norwegian YMC in 1984. 



         The first one was a jumble sale at the Hamar YMCA Center.

         Sale of sand, for sprinkling on icy roads.

         Sale of the Mjøsa Lakeside Calendar.

         Distribution of the Hamar Parish Magazine and a local Advertisement Paper.

         Sale of photo post-cards for Christmas. 

       Putting up Christmas decoration street-lights. The project was terminated  2010

           See photos

       New project Spring 2010: Cleaning up along the main roads in the Hamar  Area.

           See photos  The project terminated 2015


Voluntary communal 'bee'-work:

         At Budor Camp and Chalet.

         Cutting saplings for building up scout-camps.   Painting houses.

         At the Hamar YMCA building, inside and outside.

         Providing teams and local maps for the annual fund-raising campaign on Norwegian TV.

         Clearing building-site.

         Assistance at national YMCA/YWCA 'Teen Convention' and at National Outer Mission convention.

         Sale at annual antique fair in the Hamar Olympic Viking Ship Hall


Friendship clubs:

         Varde YMC, Denmark.   


Regional conference:

        The club was responsible for arranging the Regional Conference at Hedmarktoppen Folk High School            in Hamar in 1976.

        In August 2018 the club together with Brumunddal arranged the

           Regional Conference Norway.


Regional leadership:

         Regional board in 1980-81.

         Together with Brumunddal YMC 1988-89.



         Our club's tenth anniversary 1979.

         Our club's twenty-fifth anniversary 1994.

         Our club's thirtieth anniversary 1999.

       Our club’s fortieth aniversary 2009. See photos

       Our club’s fiftieth aniversary 2019. See article and photos


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