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To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right

How Ys Men began .


The Ys Men movement was founded in Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1920 to support a local YMCA. Ys Men International is now oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA and through it the communities in which it is present throughout the world.


Since the YMCA is usually known as the Y in the USA, and as the Ys Men movement started there, as a club of men of and for the Y , it was named Ys Mens Club. Today, however, women can be full members of our movement. Since 1995 local affiliated clubs can opt to call themselves Ys Men and Womens Clubs.


In 1922 there were 15 clubs in the USA and 2 in Canada and the movement became The International Organization of Ys Mens Clubs. Paul W. Alexander was the first president. Read more.


The first two clubs in Norway were started in Stavanger in 1958 and in Oslo in 1959. Hamar Ys Mens Club was chartered in 1969 and has today 41 members.


In Norway today there are 42 clubs with 1159 members including 419 women. 2 Members at Large

World wide there are 1592 clubs with 35000 members in 74 countries on all continents.

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